Behind The Sound

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Finson AKA Fartein S. Orestad (born 12th of March, 1983) is a Norwegian music producer and songwriter.
He released his solo debut album “Things I Like” in 2008 (then under artist name “San Felix”). The record is a jazz and electronica outfit, which includes improvisational solo elements and alternative soundscapes. Finson recorded and produced the album between 2005-2007 in Australia, France and UK.

Later, back in Norway, Finson composed, recorded and produced Norwegian Hip Hop artist Erik de Torres’s debut album “Oh Really”, released in 2011 by Toothfairy Records. He formed a live band for the artist, including himself, and performed on various venues in Norway the following years.

In 2012, together with two other members from the Hip Hop band, Finson gave birth to a new project called “Kid Fuego”. They released their debut EP “People Know” in 2013, which received good reviews. This project is on pause for the moment.

In 2015, Finson decided to revive his own solo project. He says:

I want to create music without compromises.

He claimed his new artist name “Finson”, and is now presenting his latest work through the EP “Going South”, the singles “Trouble”, “Corazon”, “Yeah Yeah Yeah” and “Flood”, and remixes of “Hyde” by Astrid S, “Golden Ticket” by Highasakite and “Medicine” by Hajk.


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