New single! Got robbed in the making!

On March 10, 2016 by Finson

Finson – Flood (feat. Ida Isax)

I’m happy to announce the release of my second single this year! This time in collaboration with wonderful Ida Isax. “Flood” is now available in all digital stores and streaming platforms!

Isax and I have been fans of each others music for a while, and I’ve always felt a pull towards working with her musically. “Flood” started out as an old sketch from my catalog of unfinished ideas. With an acoustic guitar, a notebook and a hefty dose of my favourite icecream, the track was puzzled together.

Our first recording session was to take place in Ida’s home studio in Oslo. I brought my own recording equipment, and placed it in the staircase of the apartment building while parking the car around the corner. Of course, meanwhile, a bastard stealth style ninja thief sneaked in and stole the whole expensive bunch! I ran around in the neighbourhood hoping to find the prick, but luckily for him I didn’t… 🙂

“Flood” mixes pop into an electronic landscape, but acoustic elements are still an essence for my music. The song has a steady groove, a powerful soundscape and Ida’s beautiful lead vocal describing regret after infidelity and the desperate attempt to make up for what’s done.

We hope you like our track, and do feel free to share the music with your loved ones!

Ida and Finson

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